Friday, July 15, 2011

a Cheese state of mind

Long time no blog :P

How is the GNOME's Cheese doing?  Well, not that good not that bad...surviving ... flying all the way from Paris to a little town in Romania and becoming from a French cheese a Romanian one :D and..getting better.

Finally after a change of air and a hole lot of digging in both Cheese and Empathy things got clearer... that doesn't mean they got easier...As I posted in the activity reports there is a big difference in the way Empathy and Cheese play with the video stream. The first problem was to find a common ground, to understand things like: what is Clutter, what is Gstreamer and how it works and mostly... what's the magic beneath camerabin and camerabin2.

Here's the big picture:
The effect previews window in Cheese now is self adjustable. The video camera in Empathy was reimplemented using Clutter(both I and Emilio worked in parallel on it but his implementation was better and was the winning one) and also Cheese camera is being re implemented using camerabin2. 

In the bloody war with Gstreamer and Clutter some other bugs were unmasked and defeated. This nasty ones  were found in glib and also in clutter. You must have no fear because they were punished and will produce no  harm again.

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