Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teh button

The first blog post I made for this project was about the cheese-avatar-chooser that was integrated in Empathy some time ago. Working this week at the effects window an idea bumped into my mind...
Why not have also a default images window from which to choose from?

Initially the code for avatar chooser was inspired from gnome-control-center but I only added support for setting an avatar from the camera. The first version of it looked like this:

Yesterday I managed to integrate also the um-photo-dialog from gnome-control-center. I didn't send it for review yet because I still have to clean the code. I will see what the Empathy guys have to say about it but in the meantime you are a screenshot :



  1. Cool, that's something we want in Empathy since a while!

    Actually, that's even something that could be done in the Shell directly:

    Anyway, we can start from Empathy and move things around later. So please, do file an Empathy bug and we'll discuss this new improvement here. :)

  2. I am also thinking of adding a part for saving the used icons and putting them in that icon dialog... more like a history of icons you already used.

    If you are familiar with YM, they offer you the possibility to change the avatar with the one you recently used.

  3. Having just that would be a great first start, and showing the history of previous selections would also be good. As Guillaume says, do file a bug, looks ace!